5 Typical British Dishes and When you are Most Likely to Eat Them

London is an oasis for signature dishes that both tourists and locals love to enjoy. This article explores 5 unique dishes and the best times to eat them.

English dishes are often described as traditional and delicious. Whether you’re grabbing an early morning breakfast, a late lunch, or satisfying your evening cravings, London offers some of the most mouth-watering comfort foods around. Here’s a look at 5 tantalizing dishes that will have you coming back for more.

1. English Breakfast – Everything You Need on One Plate

Royal Lancaster adds something extra to your morning coffee with the English Breakfast dish. Start your morning off with fried eggs, sausages, bacon, tomatoes, mushrooms, fried bread, and a slice of black pudding and experience breakfast the way the locals do. It’s everything you need to keep you energized until lunch. This dish is easy to recreate at home, and it can be modified for vegan lovers.

2. Fish and Chips – A Local Favourite

It wouldn’t feel like London if you didn’t try London’s white fillets battered and deep-fried with potatoes. This is a common dish that you can find at local pubs and restaurants near the Royal Lancaster London. It’s delightful to share with family and friends at lunchtime and it makes a delicious snack at the waterfront.

3. Sunday Roast – Every Day of the Week

If you’re in the mood for roast then it must be dinner time in London. Sunday Roast is a classic dinner dish that can be served any day of the week. You can choose from oven-roasted beef, lamb, or any protein of your choice. The roasted protein is accompanied by vegetables, potatoes, and Yorkshire pudding. This dish is comfort food for the soul and makes a great intimate supper for two.

4. Banoffee Pie – Banana Meets Coffee

Banoffee Pie is a popular dessert that blends the sweet flavour of bananas with rustic coffee all together on top of a buttery biscuit. It can be enjoyed after dinner, or supplemented for a chocolate cake if your looking to satisfy a late-night craving.

5. Potted Shrimps – Taste of the Sea

Potted Shrimps is a Lancashire favourite and it is one of the most versatile dishes in London. The shrimps are cooked in seawater and seasoned well with spices. This dish makes a great lunch or breakfast meal.


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