The history of Olympia London

More than a century old, the Olympia London is an exhibition centre, opening its doors to the public in December 1886. It is also an event- and conference centre and you’ll find it in Kensington, London, England.

Many Refurbishments over the Years

If you’re looking at ways and means to reach it, the closest railway station is Kensington (Olympia). Over the years the venue has undergone refurbishments and also had its name changed.

Opening Show – the Hippodrome Circus in 1886

The show centre is made from iron and glass, and there was great excitement when the first show was held – the Hippodrome Circus in 1886/7. An exciting range of dog-, equestrian and sporting events followed.

It’s had other uses too, and in both World Wars the centre was used as a temporary prison camp as well as being an army clothing store.

It was damaged by bombs several times during the war. After the 2nd World War, the exhibition centre started being used by the hospitality industry, and during the 1950s shows at the centre were the rage.

Pleasure gardens were also laid out for entertainment during the hotter summer months. Another phase of Olympia was built in 1923, designed by Holman and Gooderham architects.

More entrances came and more restaurants and function rooms. From 1929 a new architect was commissioned to design a new hall and garages.

A Modern Refurbishment – 2019

Following a series of alterations, the Olympia is scheduled for more enhancements during 2019, with the idea being to bring in more arts space, a 4-screen cinema, clubs and restaurants, offices, hotels, shops and a sky garden. The K-West Hotel & Spa is always sought after in West London as is it well situated to the Olympia.

With gift vouchers and specials, it makes a wonderful gift for someone attending a show at the Olympia to have a spa treatment at the hotel. As a comfy 4 star hotel with gym and spa facilities, it is ideally situated for any one of the many events that happen throughout the year at this impressive show centre.

This massive overhaul of Olympia is going to be achieved with minimal disruption, and events will continue as usual, as the show centre, with it’s rich, illustrious history, prepares to move into yet another phase of change.

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