A Short History of the Spa

History of the spa – learn about the origin of the spa

People have been using Spa treatments since classical times. During this period, taking a bath was regarded as a popular way of treating ailments. The practice of going to cold or hot springs to cure illness dates back to prehistoric times. In Great Britain, one of the ancient legends credited early Celtic kings with discovering hot springs in Bath, a town located in England.

The first people to suggest that bathing and spas are suitable for therapeutic purposes were the ancient Greeks. The Romans took this thinking a step further and constructed thermal baths at hot and mineral-rich springs. As the Roman Empire grew, Spas started to spring up across Europe and beyond, becoming locations to receive medical treatment, relax and socialise.

In 1326, an ironmaster from Belgium discovered a natural spring in a town called Spa; a health resort was later established. The term Spa was derived from here. The popularity of spas started to increase during the sixteenth century. The healing properties of spring water were rediscovered after two centuries. The nineteenth-century spa therapies include relaxing in a cooling room, steaming in a vapour room, drinking the water and soaking in hot water. Add massage into the routine, and it’s from here that the modern spa treatments were derived.

Enjoy healthy skin – achieve a smoother skin

Spas are known for the many skin treatment options they offer. Exfoliation is a popular skin treatment therapy that involves the removal of dead skin and rough cells. This is how glowing and softer skin comes about. Organic facials can improve someone’s skin tone.

Reduce stress and relax – visitor get to maintain their overall health

Going to the spa is an excellent way to reduce stress and relax after a busy day filled with activities. Spas help visitors with a place to recharge to face new challenges the day may bring. The lack of distraction at the spa is a great way to relax the body and mind. Here is a site with more benefits of spa treatments: https://www.lifehack.org/articles/lifestyle/10-irresistible-health-benefits-spa-baths.html

Visitors who are looking for Hotel Spa in London should go to K SPA. Located in Richmond Way, this spa resort is a haven for those who need beneficial treatments designed to make them feel great about their body and the world around them.


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